About Us

Magic Whiteboard SA was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2017.


Our great range of products are imported directly from England where, in 2006, Magic Whiteboard® was first born. It was in 2008, after our English counterparts appeared on the UK’s BBC2 “Dragon’s Den” TV program and secured a substantial investment in the business from two key investors, that the Magic was truly unleashed. Magic Whiteboard and all related products can now be purchased just about anywhere office and school supplies are found across the UK.

Upon hearing about Magic Whiteboard’s success in the UK, and reconising that no other South African company offers the convenience of a Magical self stick whiteboard on a roll - let alone such a broad range of products including Blackboard, Clearboard, Sticky Notes and even the fantastic Blackout Blind - we just had to make sure our fellow Africans weren’t missing out!

Magic Whiteboard SA secured the exclusive rights to distribute across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and on a wave of merriment from lots of very happy customers, the Magic continues to spread. 

And so the need for a more cost-effective, Magic alternative to traditional whiteboards and clumsy flipcharts continues to spiral out of control - we can now proudly add our American/Canadian and even Dutch brothers to the Magic Family Portrait, in our quest to take over the world!